At TerraBella, 24/7 care and unrivaled service ensure that residents in our Memory Care program are always satisfied. We grant our residents individualized attention and a special blend of amenities, lifestyle activities, and excellent care. Part of this senior living experience is ensuring superior communication.

About Our Superior Communication

When it comes to memory care programs, family members may face multiple worries. The decision to move your loved one to memory care is difficult, even when necessary. You may worry that your loved one is not receiving adequate care in their new environment, miss them, or simply wish to communicate with them easily. You may also be worried about how you communicate with memory care professionals. Even if everything is running smoothly, a lack of communication can cause frustration and stress.

TerraBella Newton’s memory care program has multiple parts to ensure that your loved one is holistically taken care of. Care is granted by seasoned professionals through proven techniques that help develop and maintain your loved one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual care. We emphasize a community dynamic to provide your loved one with the socialization to help them weather their diagnosis with a group of supportive peers. Yet we also take the time to make sure that their routine is interspersed with relaxing downtime during which they can recuperate and take a moment for themselves – all within the company of our friendly and professional staff.

With so many things going on, it might be easy to drop the ball on communication. That is why we at TerraBella Newton have developed strong communication structures to ensure that you are always up to date and involved in the care of your loved one. Having worked with local families for over 20 years, we are well aware of the concerns of family members of those with dementia. We’re here not just to support and care for your loved one, but to ensure that their day-to-day life is worry-free too. We’ve thus developed a seamless communication system that includes using digital technology to keep you in the loop on your loved one’s well-being.

Benefits of Having Superior Communication in Your Senior Living Community

The senior living community can often be an exciting place. There is a diversity of activities to keep your loved one socially, mentally, and physically engaged. Using our transportation services, residents can also take trips to area attractions. Amid all of this activity, having superior communication ensures that everyone and everything is accounted for and updated for your knowledge, ensuring your peace of mind.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

A diagnosis like dementia can be challenging to handle for both you and your loved one. If there comes a point at which you feel like you are having constant difficulties, consulting a professional is the first step to ensuring that the right decision is made for everyone.

Why Choose TerraBella Newton’s Senior Living Community?

A friendly and thriving community, stylish amenities, a bevy of engaging activities, and a professional and caring team. What’s not to love about TerraBella Newton?

To learn more about living in TerraBella Newton, feel free to contact us today!