TerraBella Greenville is a place where living is fun and stress-free. We are able to do that by keeping your needs in mind. That is why we have designed special programs to cover your needs. Enjoy delectable meals, celebrate life’s precious events, stay fit and healthy, schedule a concierge service, be free from housekeeping and maintenance duties, and avail of free chauffeured transportation when you choose us.

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Sensations Dining

Sensations Dining

This exclusive senior living program offers the most diverse, freshest, and highest quality food choices from the region and all over the world. For us, every meal matters. We show our concern for residents by preparing food that they love the most.

We have everything from classic comfort food, famous regional dishes, and well-known world cuisines prepared by our professional culinary team.

We make dining even more special by making residents enjoy a meal or two with the ones closest to them. That is how we value every single day, regardless if there is an occasion or not.

With us, no one has to feel guilty about their food choices. One’s love for dessert and other cravings are met at our dining halls, with an assortment of goodies to fill your stomach to your heart’s content, without prejudice to your health.

Celebrations Activities & Events

Celebrations Activities & Events

TerraBella Greenville believes that work and play make a person healthy. That is why we fill each day with events and activities closest to your heart. Whether you want these things for recreation, or you simply want to meet friends along the way, we know our list will serve your needs best.

Start the day healthy with a refreshing tea while reading the papers, or go to our fitness center and have a light workout. There are also live musical performances, interactive lectures, and games to keep you busy.

Wrapping up the list is the opportunity to explore and enjoy nearby attractions, or simply shop for things that you need. Get the chance to visit a movie house, watch theatrical performances, or even cheer for your favorite sports team.

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Dimensions Health & Fitness

Dimensions Health & Fitness

Stay fit and healthy and enjoy what luxury means in the world of health and fitness if you choose TerraBella Greenville. Our senior-centered fitness gym is where you can exercise according to your needs.

This wellness program promotes all aspects of health critical to one’s life, among them are:

  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual
  • Mental
  • Physical

With these, we make sure there is something you can do to stimulate the mind, invigorate the soul, and replenish the body. Choose from our yoga or stretching classes or take pleasure in our chair aerobics exercises. 

The list won’t be complete unless you attend onsite therapies, guest lectures, recreational events, and even worship services.

Expressions Concierge

Expressions Concierge
Making travel plans, doing some online shopping, booking movie tickets, or seeking assistance for dining reservations is a job we will gladly do on your behalf because we value your convenience.

We want you to spend your days relaxing and worrying about nothing at all. We do that with a smile on our faces, no questions asked.

We make everyday living a whole lot easier through this program, and we do not just stop when you come and move in with us.

Once you have settled in, our accommodating concierge will do more work than you have ever imagined!

Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance

Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance

Who says retirement must be filled with taxing housekeeping chores? Our ever-dependable team members will do all of those for you so that you can spend more time enjoying what life brings for you.

It is definitely more than newfound freedom and independence knowing there is nothing so stressful in your to-do list. We keep your safety and convenience in mind, meaning, you do not have to scrub or vacuum floors, or even dust your ceiling fans.

 This program is created for your lasting comfort and contentment. Leave everything to us and we will keep all common areas, your apartment homes, and the entire community clean and spotless.

Connections Transportation

Connections Transportation

Save money and change your life while TerraBella Greenville’s team does the driving for you, wherever in town you want to go, whatever it is that you need.

Whether you have a medical appointment, or you want to buy some stuff in the grocery store, this service is the best thing for you to experience, every once in a while, most especially if you do not feel like driving your own car to these destinations. That is how we define freedom and independence here at TerraBella Greenville.

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