Learn more about our innovative wellness programs and world-class amenities here at TerraBella Senior Living in Lincolnton, NC. We specialize in both assisted living and memory care programs that are facilitated by experienced healthcare professionals. Our residents have the opportunity to engage in various fun and exciting senior living activities within a supervised environment while also receiving the treatment they need to support their overall wellbeing. From therapy to rehabilitation services and more, TerraBella Newton is fully-equipped with a wide range of senior living amenities. Visit us today to explore what our senior living community has to offer.

Enjoyable Dining Experiences for Seniors in Lincolnton, NC

We are highly encouraged to maintain a well-balanced diet to ensure we can support our immune system and other bodily functions. This is a basic necessity in our lives that not many older adults have the luxury to complete every single day. Older adults are prone to suffer from bouts of sickness that can prevent them from preparing their own meals. This can in turn cause them to experience nutrient deficiency that can further worsen their health. At TerraBella Newton, residents enjoy a pleasant dining experience within a restaurant-like setting. They will have a chef preparing their daily meals three times a day so they get the nutrient intake that their body requires for good health.

Convenient Senior Living Housekeeping Services in Lincolnton, NC

Another daily task that we need to handle regularly is keeping our home clean. At times, we can complete the upkeep of our living space by doing some simple sweeping but other times our home may require us to vacuum, scrub, and even deep clean various areas. These tasks may prove to be taxing for older adults which we totally understand at TerraBella Newton. Thus, we have introduced our housekeeping program which delivers stellar services to ensure our senior apartment homes are kept clean and sanitary at all times.

Senior Living Concierge Services in Lincolnton, NC

Some older adults have a tendency to overlook certain important things in their life such as doctor’s appointments, dinner reservations, and others. With the help of our concierge, residents can easily manage their daily schedules better. We can help them book a table at a restaurant, set an appointment with their doctor, or send a gift to their loved ones back at home. We will also send timely reminders so they can keep their appointments.

Senior Living Transportation Assistance in Lincolnton, NC

Residents are free to explore the nearby vicinities which can help them get their personal errands completed and other appointments fulfilled. For residents who require transportation assistance due to their health conditions or mobility restrictions, our concierge can arrange the necessary services for them.

Why Choose TerraBella Newton’s Senior Living Community?

Manage your health better and stimulate your mind to prevent cognitive decline through our wide variety of health and wellness programs at TerraBella Newton. We aim to provide our residents with a stimulating retirement environment that can help support their mental and physical health. Residents are free to take part in entertaining senior living activities while having the opportunity to socialize with fellow neighbors to prevent isolation or loneliness. The companionship that you can expect to enjoy here at TerraBella Senior Living will ensure that you can retire feeling more content and at ease.

To learn more about senior living in Lincolnton, NC, feel free to contact us today.