At TerraBella Newton’s Memory Care program, we provide individualized attention to create a unique and unsurpassed senior living experience for our residents who need Dementia Care. A curated blend of excellent care, lifestyle activities and amenities, coupled with 24/7 care and premium service, ensure that our residents are always satisfied.

About Our Dementia Care

The challenges caused by dementia are multi-dimensional and complex, and we’re here to help. At TerraBella Newton, we’ve been working for over 20 years with local families to ensure the highest quality of care for their loved ones. Our experience, dedication, and commitment make us the best  for memory care.

Our person-centered approach to memory care nourishes the individual while emphasizing the value of a community. Designed with proven techniques, our holistic approach to memory care allows our residents to engage in group activities and relaxing moments spent with our friendly team members. Our focus on healthy interactions and purpose-driven interactions creates a tightly-knit community where all our residents have an important role in the community dynamic. This helps promote our residents’ self-esteem and confidence, which is vital to the treatment of dementia. When your loved one joins our memory care program, they are also joining a family. Our activities also ensure residents’ holistic satisfaction through the promotion of physical, mental, and spiritual engagement.

At TerraBella, you can be certain that your loved one will be well-cared for. Our communication structures are engineered so that families can remain informed about and involved in the care of their loved ones, even from a distance. Digital technology is used to create memorable moments through photos and videos even when you might not be able to be with your loved one physically – you’ll never have to miss a moment. It’s the little things like these that make us the top choice in the region for memory care.

Benefits of Having Dementia Care in Your Senior Living Community

Given the diversity of the senior living community, anticipating various and diverse needs is necessary. Dementia and other memory-related diagnoses are some of the things that any good senior living community needs to consider and plan for so that their residents are not only cared for but able to live rich and meaningful lives. With the right care, residents with dementia can thrive.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

While a cognitive diagnosis such as dementia comes with many challenges, you don’t have to face them all on your own. Talking to a professional community about your concerns can be the first step in ensuring that your loved one is cared for holistically in an environment that understands their needs and desires.

Why Choose TerraBella Newton’s Senior Living Community?

Our thriving community, a bevy of engaging activities, and stylish, resort-style amenities are just a few of the many reasons why TerraBella Newton is so beloved. Come and discover our affordable, person-centered senior living experiences to see what all the fuss is about!

To learn more about living in TerraBella Newton, feel free to contact us today!