At TerraBella Newton, individualized attention to our residents results in an unrivaled senior living experience. Through our special blend of excellent care, amenities, and lifestyle activities, we ensure that residents in our Memory Care program are always well-taken care of. Add our memory care professionals, and you can see why TerraBella Newton is a cut above the rest.

About Our Memory Care Professionals

Dementia is a complex condition that causes equally complex challenges. It can be difficult to handle the condition when it emerges in your loved one. Carers may find themselves feeling constantly tired and stressed. They may not be emotionally, mentally, or physically equipped to handle the challenges that dementia poses.

Here is where a memory care program is helpful. Such a program is designed with proven techniques and holistic approaches that take care of a resident’s holistic wellbeing. Care is given by professionals who are seasoned in the industry and know how to handle the diverse emotional, physical, and mental landscape of dementia. At TerraBella, our person-centered approach to memory care ensures that the individual is nourished while emphasizing the value of a community. Our residents engage in physical activities and group activities to keep them embedded within a nurturing and supporting group environment, providing them with the socialization that is key to maintaining mental health. Yet, we also leave our residents with time to relax and unwind, all in the company of our experienced and friendly memory care professionals. When your loved one joins our memory care program, they are also joining a robust social network that can support them both professionally and emotionally.

Our memory care professionals also want residents to feel secure at all times. We’ve designed our communication structures so that families are always informed about and involved in the care of their loved ones. Our memory care professionals also understand the family’s perspective and want them to feel supported too.

Benefits of Having Memory Care Professionals in Your Senior Living Community

Given the diversity of the senior living community, anticipating various and diverse needs is necessary. Dementia and other memory-related diagnoses are some of the things that any good senior living community needs to consider and plan for so that their residents are not only cared for but able to live rich and meaningful lives. With the right care, residents with dementia can thrive.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Cognitive diagnoses such as dementia come with multiple challenges. There may come a point in which you feel like those challenges are too much to handle. Perhaps your loved one is unable to live alone, and you do not have the structure to ensure that they are always with company. Talking to a professional can be the first step in deciding if you should consider the move to a senior living community.

Why Choose TerraBella Newton’s Senior Living Community?

At TerraBella Newton, we are a friendly and thriving community with professional and experienced service in stylish, resort-style amenities. Our residents have a choice of engaging activities and social possibilities.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Newton, feel free to contact us today!