TerraBella Newton provides a unique mix of stellar care, lifestyle activities, and amenities. In our Memory Care program, we provide individualized attention to create a senior living experience that is unlike any other. Our residents benefit from our 24/7 care and superior service in Alzheimer Care.

About Our Alzheimer Care

At TerraBella Newton, we have been working for over 20 years with local families to ensure that we provide the best quality of care for their loved ones. We understand that the challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease are complex and multi-faceted, and we are here to help. We provide experience, dedication, and an unsurpassed commitment to excellence in care and service. Our Memory Care neighborhood has been raising the bar for memory care, with an emphasis on person-focused memory care that understands the value of an individual.

Our holistic approach to memory care is designed using proven techniques. Residents can engage in physical activities to group activities. Interactive dining experiences and relaxed moments in the company of our friendly team members are some of the healthy interactions and purpose-driven experiences that are integrated into TerraBella Newton’s Memory Care program. We embrace the unique personality of each individual while creating an environment where all of our residents have a key part to play in the community dynamic. Through this integration of both the self and the community, we help promote our residents’ confidence and self-esteem, something that we see as vital in the world of memory care and thus are proactive about. Our activities also ensure residents’ holistic satisfaction through the promotion of physical, mental, and spiritual engagement.

Rest assured that your loved one will be well-cared for with TerraBella Newton’s Memory Care program. Our seamless communication structures are designed to keep families involved in and informed about the care of their loved ones. We utilize digital technology to create memorable moments even when you’re away from your loved one. At TerraBella Newton, we’re always looking to raise the bar for quality when it comes to memory care. That’s what makes us the unmatched choice in the region.

Benefits of Having Alzheimer Care in Your Senior Living Community

The senior living community is vibrant and diverse. A good senior living community thus anticipates their myriad needs, one of which is holistic care for those with Alzheimer’s. With correct care, seniors afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease can live more satisfying and richer lives.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

A cognitive diagnosis such as Alzheimer’s disease can come with many challenges, but you don’t have to face them alone. Finding a place where your loved one can receive the finest-quality memory care is the first step in ensuring their holistic wellbeing.

Why Choose TerraBella Newton’s Senior Living Community?

Stylish, resort-style amenities, a wide variety of activities, a thriving community, and a friendly, stand-out team are just some of the many reasons why you’ll love TerraBella Newton. Head down and discover our affordable and person-centered senior living experiences.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Newton, feel free to contact us today!