If you are considering a move to a senior living community for your loved ones, there are some important questions that you should ask. The answers to these questions will determine the right senior living option for your loved ones. The quiz we’ve prepared below goes beyond the standard questions to grant you a nuanced perspective.

Q: Do your loved ones require help when it comes to daily activities, such as shopping for essentials? Can they do that on their own?

Q: Do your loved ones prepare their own meals each day? Or do you find them ordering meals because they lack the time or capacity to cook independently? Is the food that they prepare able to keep them energized throughout the day?

Q: Do your loved one enjoy driving around town and exploring the sights? Can they do that on their own, or need someone to drive them around?

Q: Have you noticed changes in your loved ones’ dressing and personal hygiene? Can they groom, dress and bathe themselves independently? Do they need assistance while carrying out these activities?

Q: Are your loved ones able to take care of household chores independently? Can they handle laundry and cleaning activities such as sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping? Are they able to accomplish these tasks thoroughly, and do they become exhausted?

Q: If your loved ones are wheelchair users, can they move around without needing help? Do they need help moving from the wheelchair to another form of seating?

Q: When it comes to memory, do your loved ones often forget crucial matters? Have you noticed your loved ones becoming more forgetful compared to the past? Are your loved ones able to recognize people close to them, or are there occasions when they are unable to? When it comes to medication, do your loved ones need reminders to take the meds, or can they do so as instructed?

How Answers Relate to Care Levels

The answers above relate to assisted living and memory care. If you find that your loved one needs assistance with daily activities, assisted living may be the answer for you. If your loved one’s issues are mostly memory-related, a dedicated memory care program may be the better choice. TerraBella Newton offers both resident-focused Assistant Living and a specialized brand of Memory Care that nourishes the individual while keeping them embedded in a thriving social community. Dual senior living options grant a level of flexibility that is simply unsurpassed.

Why Choose TerraBella Newton?

TerraBella Newton has ensured that each of our living options provides exceptional value. We offer amenities such as wellness programs, complimentary transportation, restaurant-style dining, and 24-hour care. We also provide regular housekeeping and maintenance so that your loved ones never have to worry about their day-to-day. Flexible care plans and services help promote and safeguard their independence, but we are always here to help with whatever they need, be it personal care, medical needs, or daily activities.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Newton, feel free to contact us today!