Person-Centered Senior Living Memory Care at TerraBella Pheasant Ridge

terrabella-pheasant-ridge-memory-care-interiorEnsuring the highest-quality care for a loved one with dementia begins with selecting a qualified, compassionate care partner. And for hundreds of Roanoke Valley families since 1996, the Memory Care community at TerraBella Pheasant Ridge has been that partner of choice. We can be that for your family and loved ones too.

Experience, dedication and a deeply personalized approach to care. That’s what you can expect from TerraBella Pheasant Ridge. It’s why our community has long been known for upholding excellence in person-centered memory care, and why to this day, we’re setting new, higher standards for care and service in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

Please read on to discover the many unique features that set TerraBella apart from other local memory care providers, then call or click today to schedule a tour and come see the difference for yourself.

World-Class Memory Care in a Convenient Hometown Setting

Inspired by science and using many of the very same principles and best practices as the nation’s finest memory care programs, TerraBella Pheasant Ridge achieves levels of care and overall quality that are unmatched across the region.

Our Memory Care program harnesses the power of the latest techniques and evidence-based care tactics, creating positive experiences by tailoring all facets of residents’ lives (dining, activities, relaxation, social interactions, etc.) to each individual’s unique likes and preferences.

From engaging group activities and physical activities to dining experiences that are interactive and silent, tranquil moments in the welcoming company of members of our team, there are purpose-driven experiences and healthy interactions integrated in TerraBella each and every day.

Here are a few ways our Memory Care program makes use of a holistic approach and subtle science to provide exceptional care for seniors and all-important peace of mind for their families:

Empowering Friendship and a Sense of Belonging

By nurturing the uniqueness of each individual and driving participation in group activities that are purpose-driven, we create an overall environment where all residents hold a key place in the overall community dynamic.

Purpose-Built Dining Experiences

Our health-conscious meals are chef-designed and easy to eat, and our calm yet interactive dining environment utilizes proven auditory and sensory cues to enhance appetite, improve focus and encourage participation in the dining process.

Enjoyable and Engaging Activities Programming

Our expertly-trained care team members plan and present activities that foster mental, physical and also spiritual engagement and help residents get/stay active and lead a richer, more satisfying lifestyle.

Elevating Confidence and Self-Esteem

With programming that emphasizes strengths, not limitations, we create opportunities to celebrate minor successes throughout the entire day. Also, by encouraging participation in daily living activities and personal care, residents will get this feeling of a heightened sense of purpose as well as self-worth.

Communication and Family Involvement

A thorough communication structure includes sharing of digital photos/videos, keeping families centrally involved and well-informed in their dearests’ daily life and continuing care.

Together, We’ll Find the Right Memory Care Solution

A loved one’s cognitive diagnosis poses many challenges for the family, and that’s why joining forces with a qualified memory care provider can be the best action for not only afflicted seniors but for you and yours, too.

We see firsthand all the time how given the proper care, seniors diagnosed with dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease and other conditions that are memory-related can live richer, more fulfilling lifestyles. So, don’t go at it alone for even one more day. Call TerraBella Pheasant Ridge, and just start the conversation with an experienced professional who can help.


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