What are some safety and security concerns you have as an older adult? If your needs are not getting met while aging in place, have you considered making the move to a senior living community? With a number of safety and security measures in place, you can attend to the activities you enjoy doing without having to worry. 

About Our Safety and Security Measures

Our safety and security measures have been implemented with our residents’ needs in mind. This includes a contingency plan for any natural disasters. All our team members have been briefed to lead our residents to safety in the event of a natural catastrophe. To top it off, a 24/7 team is always present on-site to check the identity of visitors and vendors. You can rest assured that only visitors of residents and authorized vendors will be allowed access on site.

We have also stepped up our measures to keep the community clean and sanitized in the best interests of our residents’ health. All common areas are cleaned regularly and all common touch points sanitized, ensuring that you can age in the cleanest living environment possible.

Benefits of Having Safety and Security Measures in Your Senior Living Community

With safety and security measures on-site, below are some of the benefits you can reap:

  • Peace of mind for family members that their loved one is in good hands
  • Lift a heavy mental load off your mind, allowing you to concentrate on the activities you love doing the most
  • Age in a clean and welcoming living environment that is conducive to your overall well-being

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Transitioning to senior living is a huge milestone in your life and there are many reasons you may wish to do so. If you are worried about safety and security while aging in place, this is one very good reason to make the move. Some older adults are unable to keep their living environments clean due to mobility limitations or fears that they may slip and fall while attending to household chores. Others may be worried about how they can get to safety in the event of a natural catastrophe, and how best to defend themselves when there is a security threat.

In a senior living community with safety and security measures, these concerns will be taken care of, freeing you up to live your best life.

Why Choose TerraBella Pheasant Ridge?

Residents can benefit from a comprehensive range of lifestyle programs in our welcoming and nurturing community. This includes a packed calendar of social and recreational activities you can choose from daily. If you wish to get off campus, there’s always plenty happening in the Roanoke Valley region which you can take part in. Clear yourself of the obligations of housekeeping, maintenance, and meal preparation, and start living your best retirement life today!

To learn more about living in TerraBella Pheasant Ridge, feel free to contact us or schedule a tour with us today.