TerraBella Summit is a holistic senior living community created specifically for aging loved ones who want to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. Our campus is specially designed to meet the needs of a wide range of elderly persons who prefer assisted living, or memory care programs with professional care. At Terrabella Summit, you can enjoy convenient access to a myriad of services, amenities, health & wellness programs, and events.

About Our Memory Care Professionals

One of the most crucial concerns you may have when deciding whether or not to enroll in our Memory Care program is the qualification standard of the team in charge. We understand your concerns, which is why we make sure that our team members’ training is a key component of our Memory Care program. Our program is built on scientific concepts that have been proven to work, and we’re always searching for ways to improve it. This means that our team will continue to receive new training in order to hone and equip more skills.

Benefits of Having Memory Care Professionals in Your Senior Living Community

We choose to focus on our team members’ training for our Memory Care program for various reasons. To begin with, we want our team to be at the forefront of memory care in the country at all times. As new research on memory care emerges on a regular basis, we wish to keep up with the times while maintaining the high effectiveness of our program.

Second, our team member training ensures that our caregivers are aware of the links between socialization, diet, and overall health, as well as how these relate to memory loss. We are able to build programs that are both extremely effective and provide holistic care for our seniors as a result of this.

When Should You Consider Moving into A Senior Living Community?

It might be difficult to get by with little or no social connection if you live alone. You would be at a high danger of falling, especially if you have problems walking, and there would be no one to aid you. When this becomes a severe safety problem, most people and their families choose to relocate to a senior living community.

If you’re experiencing anxiety, despair, or even early signs of memory loss, it might be time to talk to your family about this new chapter in your life. When you become a member of our senior living community, you will be able to participate in your favorite activities, have easy access to food, transportation, and accommodation, and receive the correct and adequate care that you require.

Why Choose TerraBella Summit?

From our amenities and services to our dining options, special senior living programs, parties, events, and activities, TerraBella Summit has everything you need in a community to live your golden years. Our friendly team members are available 24/7 to help you with managing your lifestyle as and when you need the extra care.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Summit, contact us today or schedule a tour to see what we have to offer.