Greenville, the unofficial capital of South Carolina’s mountainous upstate region, is an ideal gateway to some of the region’s best attractions. All of these are always within easy reach from TerraBella Summit’s preferred, central location.

About Greenville SC

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains’ foothills, Greenville has grown from a blip on the national map to a thriving metropolis. With firms like Michelin and GE moving in and infusing the town with new vigor, the former textile powerhouse now has an inflow of manufacturing employment to thank for its success. The revitalized downtown serves as the region’s focal point, attracting new businesses, hosting a burgeoning culinary scene, and containing what some refer to as Greenville’s crown jewel: Falls Park on the Reedy.

Recreational Parks in Greenville SC

The 22-mile Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail, which runs alongside the Reedy River in some parts, is one of Greenville’s most accessible and popular recreation options. The paved trail runs past Falls Park on the Reedy, Greenville’s downtown oasis of walkways, flowers, waterfalls, and green space, and then through Cancer Survivors Park before arriving at Cleveland Park, the city’s largest park and home to the 14-acre Greenville Zoo, which is open all year. Unity Park, a 60-acre park just west of downtown, will join the roster of signature Greenville parks in spring 2022.

Popular Arts & Entertainment in Greenville SC

It’s difficult to talk about what’s new in Greenville without bringing up the subject of art. In Greenville, almost every day is a good day to appreciate the arts. Greenville, SC’s award-winning downtown is the ideal location for appreciating the arts in all of its forms. The Peace Center, located on the corner of Main Street, is one of the most popular locations. Throughout the year, the auditorium hosts critically regarded Broadway productions. Along with the Peace Center, the city has a variety of permanent stages where residents and visitors may enjoy live outdoor performances throughout the year.

Recommended Dining and Shopping Outlets in Greenville SC

There will never be a shortage of places to shop in Greenville. The alternatives seem endless, ranging from traditional malls and shopping centers to districts located along main thoroughfares. Several locations around the upstate offer familiar, wholesale brands for purchase, while smaller, local merchants also have a strong establishment around this area.

In Downtown Greenville, for example, you’ll discover an unusual mix of shops ranging from a moonshine shop to art galleries and apparel boutiques. There are enormous areas of bustling, popular names and an increasing number of open-air commercial districts on the ever-expanding Woodruff Road. Some of the best shopping in Greenville may be found in the antique shops that line Augusta Road, as well as the galleries and businesses in The Village of West Greenville, demonstrating the city’s diversity.

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