While taking day trips alone will help one develop essential travel skills like map reading, logistical planning and managing schedules, it can be quite exhausting, particularly for aging retirees who may face mobility challenges. This is why TerraBella Sugarloaf has established a stress free day trip system where residents can travel throughout Suwanee and the surrounding area.

About Our Scheduled Day Trips

The scheduled day trips we provide are designed to give residents complete access to the nearby regions, allowing them to see various sites which they’d otherwise not know about. Many of the members residing in TerraBella Sugarloaf are from other parts of Georgia or different states entirely, and won’t be familiar with the many historic and natural sites that can be found here. Taking one of our scheduled day trips is a great way to learn more about the history of the area.

Benefits of Having Scheduled Day Trips in Your Retirement Community

Aside from learning more about the locale which our community is situated in, our day trips do not require any planning of the part of residents. Our staff will take care of all the logistics, all you have to do is show up at the scheduled time. This is extremely beneficial because planning a day tour individually can be a real hassle for many elders and impossible for those suffering from conditions such as dementia.

Our trips provide an opportunity for every member of the community to travel regardless of what health or mobility challenges they face, and this is a feature that many conventional retirement homes do not offer. Another benefit is the time that will be saved. While time is valuable to everyone, this is especially true for those who are in their golden years. Guided tours are the best way for them to go sightseeing without having to waste precious time worrying about planning.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

TerraBella Sugarloaf is highly recommended for retirees who are looking to meet others in a similar age group who enjoy the same activities. Did you know that loneliness is a common phenomenon among elders, and has been linked to a number of adverse conditions? By becoming a member of our community, not only will you get the chance to socialize with the other residents, but you’ll also go on day trips where you can meet people outside the community!

Why Choose TerraBella Sugarloaf’s Retirement Community?

Our retirement community is situated in the lovely town of Suwanee, which has been named one of America’s top retirement destinations on multiple occasions. Our grounds are always kept in immaculate condition and this combined with our private and lavish dwellings will make new residents quickly feel at home and our staff is always available 24 hours a day to provide any assistance which is needed.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Sugarloaf, contact us or call us at 470.207.3392 today.