While relocating into a retirement community can be a source of excitement, it can also cause anxiety. Many retirees have lived in the same home and neighborhood for many years, so settling into a new community can be daunting. This is why TerraBella Sugarloaf has established the Ambassador Club, which gives new residents the opportunity collaborate with longtime residents who will help them get settled in.

About Our Ambassador Club

Resident ambassadors act as liaisons between new members and community administrators. They are typically long term residents who have earned the trust of the community and function in a capacity which is akin to a tour guide. They will show you the grounds, accompany you to lunch or dinner and introduce you to the other residents. Ambassadors who refer new residents might also enjoy perks such as gifts and special events held in their honor.

Benefits of Having an Ambassador Club in Your Retirement Community

Our Ambassador Club streamlines the process of transitioning into the association. Having someone you can confide in who will show you the area and the different events and amenities which are offered is advantageous in many ways, and will help you make new friends.

The ambassadors employed by TerraBella Sugarloaf can be recognized by their badges, and are assigned to new residents when they arrive. They’ll address any inquiries you have and will encourage you to visit council meetings which are held regularly. Whether you’re moving here permanently or are trying out our ninety day trial, the ambassadors will make your stay as comfortable as possible.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Our community is ideal for both active retirees as well as those who are recovering from surgery, injury or illness. Those who are advanced in age and find it difficult to manage their daily affairs will benefit from the personal assistance we offer, as well as the onsite health and wellness programs.

There are also a wide range of activities that residents can enjoy, from arts and crafts to music, dancing, games and workshops. Those that become members of TerraBella Sugarloaf will quickly find that there is never a dull moment. We also have trained nurses and assistants who will monitor the health of patients and will administer medication and provide help with daily living activities.

Why Choose TerraBella Sugarloaf’s Retirement Community?

Our gracious ambassadors will instantly make you feel right at home. They will show you around the community itself and can also show you the greater Suwanee area so you’ll get to experience the city’s many attractions. The quiet and small town atmosphere combined with the private and comfortable dwellings is one of the main reasons why we’ve become Georgia’s top retirement destination, with retirees from all over the state choosing to live with us.

To find out more about our exclusive senior living programs at TerraBella Sugarloaf, contact us or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!