Losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet is a challenge for people of all ages, but especially aging retirees many of whom have lived a certain lifestyle for decades and are often reluctant to change. However, by taking advantage of the health and nutritional coaching which is offered in TerraBella Sugarloaf, retirees will feel and look better while having greater energy levels and maintaining a more active lifestyle overall.

About Seniors Health and Nutrition Coaching

Our nutritional coaches are professionally trained and will do more than just instruct you on which foods and beverages you should consume and avoid. Rather, they will work closely with you to develop the mental state that is needed to make these changes while getting you acclimated to your new diet and lifestyle in a manner that isn’t overly traumatic. We believe that major lifestyle changes should be made in small and gradual steps instead of big ones, as this gives the body and mind time to adjust.

Benefits of Having Health and Nutrition Coaching in Your Retirement Community

One of the many benefits residents will gain from partaking in our nutritional and health coaching program is developing an individualized diet plan which incorporates the foods you enjoy eating without compromising your fitness goals. Many people are under the misconception that following a healthy diet means eating bland food or ingredients they don’t like, but in truth it is possible to eat foods which are healthy and delicious, especially when the meals are prepared by the gourmet chef that we employ.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

TerraBella Sugarloaf is the best environment for retirees who want to prevent or greatly reduce their chances of developing certain diseases. By following the diet plan which is established by our nutritional coach, they can avoid conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. This is because the food and ingredients we serve promote a healthy functioning heart while warding off the development of various cancers.

Although the majority of retirement homes serve food which is healthy, their cuisine has received a poor reputation for being bland, primarily because the meals are prepared by medical personnel rather than professional chefs. Our community prioritizes gourmet meals which are absolutely mouthwatering while also catering to the health and fitness of residents. This is combination that few retirement centers can match.

Why Choose TerraBella Sugarloaf’s Retirement Community?

Retirees from all over Georgia and other parts of the country choose to spend their golden years in TerraBella Sugarloaf because we provide an unbeatable combination of lavish dwellings, concierge and transportation services, gourmet dining, recreation and world class wellness programs. This combined with our nutritional and fitness coaching creates an environment where residents are encouraged to enjoy themselves while partaking in activities that will maximize their health, vitality and longevity.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Sugarloaf, contact us or call us at 470.207.3392 today.