At TerraBella Spartanburg, we are aware of the various difficulties of Alzheimer’s and dementia and the burden they take on the afflicted person and their loved ones. We also acknowledge that with adequate care, golden-agers diagnosed with dementia such as Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory disorders can live richer, more rewarding lifestyles. That’s why we collaborate closely with families and caregivers and use a person-centered and scientific approach that’s at the forefront of the dementia care industry.

Inspired by the latest scientific evidence, and using the very same principles and best practices as the nation’s finest memory care programs, TerraBella Spartanburg is able to achieve levels of care, communication, and overall quality that are unmatched in our area.

If you, like millions of other Americans, need a partner in care for a loved one with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or another memory-related diagnosis, you shouldn’t go it alone for one more day. In fact, overcoming the initial hurdle of asking for help is often the first step towards unlocking a vastly improved way of life for not just your loved one, but the entire family.

How Memory Care Programs Help

At TerraBella Spartanburg, residents will discover a friendly and social environment where trained professionals provide care and guidance that’s specific to the person’s own, individual needs. Because in memory care, one size never fits all.

Think of it this way: You trust a qualified financial advisor to plan for the future. You depend upon a skilled mechanic to mend and preserve key items like your car or house air conditioner. You see a doctor and/or other medical experts for healthcare-related concerns. So when it comes to ensuring high-quality memory care for a loved one, the very best thing you can do is select a top-quality provider.

Our Memory Care Program Advantages Include:

  • Superior communication with residents and families
  • Specialized dining experiences
  • Secure living environment
  • Lifestyle enrichment programs

At TerraBella Spartanburg, life begins with a clean and well-kept setting…but that’s only the beginning. Science, technology, and personalization are then woven into every experience to achieve a level of care and lifestyle quality that’s unique to our community.

From the remarkable team members, whose training enables more effective communication with residents and their families, to our dining experience, which uses subtle sciences like sounds and colors to stimulate appetite, interaction, awareness, and participation. Our community also uses one-on-one and group activities, visual experiences, and quiet, peaceful moments to encourage constant feelings of pleasure, a sense of motivation and acceptance, and individual pride and achievement.

Our Memory Care Program Realizes Complete Wellness By…

Encouraging Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Commemorating each small accomplishment one at a time
  • Promoting active partaking in all activities of everyday life
  • Concentrating on strengths rather than restrictions
  • Encouraging physical exercise, reviving mental activity, and assisting to maintain social and religious contacts

Serving Attentive, Wholesome Meals

  • Nutrient-rich meals promote total good health
  • Inspire active involvement in dining with help provided as needed
  • Dining in a peaceful and relaxing environment altogether each day, allowing residents to concentrate on eating
  • “Food on the Run” for residents who are no longer able to concentrate on mealtime or always wandering

Planning Enjoyable, Appealing Activities

  • Motive-driven activities in small groups or on one resident to one staff basis
  • Activities focused on residents’ current abilities and time of day
  • Activities that are friendly, faultless and age-fitting
  • Chances that fit residents’ attention spans

Promoting Friendships and Acceptance

  • Active engagement and support in individual care activities assist in maintaining a full sense of authority and autonomy
  • Individual care activities that show how a person is seen by their peers, loved ones, and friends
  • Work or beneficial activities give a sense of individual success and worth
  • Amusement or recreational activities encourage friendships and contentment for improved quality of life

Perhaps most of all, though, our secure memory care neighborhood has been built from the ground up with ease of navigation, resident comfort, and satisfaction in mind. Taken together, it’s everything your loved one needs to live a happier and healthier lifestyle, and the perfect way to create all-important peace of mind for your family.

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