Retirees today are living longer than ever before, and need excellent wellness to stay in good mental and physical health. This is why TerraBella Spartanburg has established a wellness center which is operated by professional therapists who employ multiple wellness techniques.

About Our Senior-Friendly Wellness Center

Unlike traditional retirement homes, which prioritize care, we emphasize crisis prevention through the promotion of a lifestyle that is wellness-based. The goal is to incorporate wellness into the daily lives of residents so they can remain healthy and active, preventing the many health issues that come with advanced age and the intensive care which is needed to manage it.

Benefits of Having a Wellness Center in Your Senior Living Community

The wellness system we utilize can be divided into 5 essential parts, and these are:

  • Illness management
  • Diet and culinary education
  • Intergeneration systems
  • Instructor-led fitness routines
  • Ongoing education

Whereas standard retirement homes are designed to merely care for residents who are already mobility challenged or ill, our goal at TerraBella Spartanburg is to use the five approaches above to prevent illness and mobility limitations before they occur so residents can remain independent and active for as long as they live.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

The best time to become a member of our community is while you’re still active. While TerraBella Spartanburg is more than capable of accommodating those who are mobility challenged and suffering from advanced conditions such as Parkinson’s, dementia, or Alzheimer’s, the purpose of our wellness program is to prevent these diseases to deteriorate in the first place.

By joining our community early on and partaking in our wellness system, you’ll get the opportunity to consult with a therapist who can make recommendations based on your medical history. You will engage in programs that will make your body stronger and less frail than others of the same age group, and through the incorporation of smart technology, we’ll be able to monitor your oxygen levels, heart rate, and glucose as well as use timed medical dispensers to ensure any medications you require are always taken on schedule.

Best of all, our wellness program promotes stress reduction, which scientific research has confirmed will lower your stress levels while preventing the onset of health conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes which are common among those who are 65 years of age and older.

Why Choose TerraBella Spartanburg’s Senior Living Community?

Retirees from all over South Carolina and beyond choose to spend their golden years with us because we combine the latest technology with time-tested wellness practices to help members ward off aging’s adverse effects, enabling them to enjoy an active lifestyle. This combined with the hassle-free environment where our team will handle the majority of daily errands and tasks on your behalf will greatly diminish your stress levels while allowing you to socialize with the other members and engage in the activities that matter to you.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Spartanburg, feel free to contact us today.