Neighbors With Nature: Here's Why Mountain Park, GA Is A Great Place To Retire

Neighbors With Nature: Here’s Why Mountain Park, GA Is A Great Place To Retire

Why spend your golden years in a retirement community in Georgia? Whether it be for the stunning natural scenery, the cost-effective lifestyle, the abundant outdoor activities, or the area’s overall southern charm, residents, as well as visitors both agree that Georgia is indeed a highly exclusive place. Join us to find out what Mountain Park…

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Happy senior woman having her blood pressure measured in a nursing home by her caregiver.

Five Considerations When Choosing An Assisted Living Community

With an ever-growing and broad range of assisted living alternatives, selecting the ideal assisted care community for yourself or your loved ones can be time-consuming. To make the process go more smoothly, have pricing and general lifestyle questions ready to approach the assisted living tour guides you’re meeting with. Here are five considerations you need…

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Depressed senior man lying in bed cannot sleep from insomnia

Understanding The Causes Of Insomnia In Seniors

The most prevalent sleep issue is insomnia, which is defined as a subjective experience of inadequate or nonrestorative sleep despite ample sleep chances. Though insomnia affects a substantial size of the older population, it is frequently undiagnosed and untreated, and nonpharmacologic therapies are underutilized by health care providers. The reasons for insomnia in seniors will…

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