Person-Focused Memory Care at TerraBella Southport’s Senior Living Community

Caregiver help senior citizens playing puzzle game

At TerraBella Southport, we know of the many complex difficulties caused by dementia and we have been working along the side of local families to provide the finest quality care for their loved ones for more than 20 years.

So if you, just like millions of other Americans, are looking for a helper to assist a loved one with dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease or another cognitive diagnosis, don’t go through it alone for even another day! As a matter of fact, selecting the right partner can be that key step towards creating a better quality of life for your loved one and the entire family.

Years of experience, devotion, and a commitment to distinction in care and service. That’s just some of what seniors and their families can look forward to from TerraBella Southport, and this is why our Memory Care neighborhood is creating a new, higher standard for memory care in our region.

Please read on to find out the one-of-a-kind amenities that distinguish our program apart from the competition, and then book a visit and guided tour to observe first-hand the TerraBella Senior Living difference for yourself and your loved one!

Explore Our Unique, Holistic Approach to Senior Memory Care

Established to harness the power of scientifically backed methods and to attain deeper personalization, our extensive approach to memory care works towards creating positive experiences in multiple areas of residents’ lives.

From fitness and exciting group activities to engaging dining experiences and quiet, carefree moments in the warm company of our team members, there are great interchanges and goal-driven experiences each day at TerraBella Senior Living.

These are just some ways our Memory Care program has utilized the subtle science and a holistic approach to deliver superior care for residents, and bring peace of mind for families:

Cultivating Friendship & Sense of Belonging

By accepting each person’s individuality and spurring on participation in purpose-driven group activities, we build an inclusive environment where everyone plays a crucial role in the community dynamic.

Healthy, Interactive Dining Experiences

Our nutrient-dense meals are specially created and also easy to eat, and our quiet, peaceful environment makes use of sound and sensory signals to improve focus, stimulate appetite, and promote participation in the dining process.

Planning Fun, Engaging Activities

TerraBella Senior Living’s expertly trained Memory Care professionals design and execute activities that encourage physical, mental and spiritual engagement, helping residents remain active while leading a more rewarding lifestyle.

Promoting Confidence and Self-Esteem

Our team members key in on residents’ advantages and provide opportunities to celebrate small achievements throughout the day. Plus, by spurring on participation in daily living activities and personal care, residents feel a greater sense of self-confidence and purpose.

Communication & Family Involvement

An excellent communication structure ensures that each family is kept informed and centrally involved in their loved one’s care. We even use technological advancements to capture the meaningful moments and then share videos and photos with family members.

Superior Senior Memory Care Starts Here with a Call to TerraBella Senior Living

We are aware that with the proper care, seniors who live with dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-related conditions can live more plentiful and fulfilling lifestyles. And while we understand that a cognitive diagnosis for a loved one brings about many difficulties for their family, figuring out where to seek the finest-quality memory care should not be one of them

Here, backed by scientific research, and using the same principles and applications as the nation’s best memory care programs, TerraBella Southport is able to achieve levels of assistance and overall quality that are unparalleled across our region.

So often, the first step is simply overcoming your fears and starting the conversation with a certified professional. Please, start today, and let TerraBella Southport be the helper in care that your family and loved one needs!