The daily nutritional requirements of our body can only be met if we have regular access to nutritious meals. To avoid malnourishment, the elderly who are not able to cook for themselves need to seek assistance. Resident meals are created fresh every day from scratch by our experienced chef at TerraBella Southport. Residents can eat at a time that is most convenient for them, ensuring that their comfort is not compromised. Come join us to explore our diverse menu by scheduling a tour of our senior living community now.

About Our Senior Dining Experience

Friendly service and a restaurant-like dining experience can be expected at TerraBella Senior Living. Residents of our senior living community are offered a large variety of local and international cuisines, three times a day, to encourage participation in the dining process. Each of the daily meals that we prepare is full of taste and nutrition, as we hand-pick all of our ingredients each day. Residents are also given an all-day dining service option where they are free to request for a snack to fulfill their hunger pangs or cravings.

Benefits of Having Senior Dining Experience in Your Senior Living Community

Residents of both our assisted living and memory care lifestyle options are served by our fine dining meal program. Certain aspects of dining are taken into account while serving residents with memory-related problems. We use a variety of techniques to foster a welcoming atmosphere for our guests, to pique their interest, and entice them to participate. Residents are allowed to dine in whichever setting they like, whether it is alone or in a group of friends depending on their most preferred option. In addition to providing delectable food, good presentation of the meals is essential. To enhance the eating experience, each dish is presented in the most aesthetically appealing manner possible and is complemented by subtle verbal signals.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

For the most part, senior living programs exist to help the elderly carry out daily tasks and provide assistance with basic medical care. You or an elderly family member may benefit from relocating into a senior living community if they are struggling to do their chores and manage their medication. On top of their day-to-day chores like housekeeping and maintenance, residents will not have to deal with time-consuming food shopping and taxing meal preparation anymore. Concierge service, complimentary transportation, and other onsite services will also be available. Residents can anticipate having access to an all-inclusive retirement experience at TerraBella Senior Living.

Why Choose TerraBella Southport’s Senior Living Community?

TerraBella Southport is home to a large number of residents who are seeking a much more fulfilling retirement lifestyle. Apart from our wide range of senior living amenities, we also offer plenty of onsite activities that residents can enjoy to maintain a healthy and active retirement. With a variety of senior living floor plans to choose from, our senior living community is sure to meet your unique needs. Elegant fixtures and gorgeous furniture are all included in the package of each apartment or suite.

To learn more about TerraBella Southport’s senior dining experience, contact us today or schedule a tour to see what we have to offer.