About Our Senior Living Community in Shelby, NC

Our long history and strong connection with the local community at TerraBella Shelby concluded in a hometown with a similar look as well as feel. It could possibly be why, for astounding senior living, especially care beyond compare and a breath-taking value, area seniors and even families, without a doubt, have come to trust TerraBella Shelby for 20+ years…and why you can too for the very same reason.

Dual Lifestyle Options to Suit Varying Needs

For local seniors and their families, two separate living options – Assisted Living and Memory Care, on one campus make TerraBella Shelby the right selection for fulfilling their needs today and if those needs have changed or intensified .
Live a more active, maintenance-free lifestyle with assistance and care whenever and wherever it’s necessary by selecting Assisted Living. Or, ascertain specialized care and dementia programming in a setting similar to home, choose our safe and secure Memory Care option.

Our Signature Senior Living Amenities

To enjoy, relax, and even have some adventure, you can rely on our signature amenities at TerraBella Shelby. Here, you or a member of your family can get your morning started with a stimulating exercise class, then relax in our Jacuzzi spa afterward. From there, meet up with friends for a lively meal, get pampered in our salon, take part in on-site worship services, or just find a cozy spot and get lost in some reading or TV.
Feel the need for an activity that’s more quick-paced? Come to our game and activity room, and take part in a group activity or spirited card game, unleash your innovative side with arts and crafts, or take part in trips and also excursions. With a variation of amenities and 24 hour support from our team of professionals, your loved one or you alone can enjoy various benefits of the maintenance-free senior living at TerraBella Senior Living while staying active.

Our Senior Living Activities & Events

Our day-to-day recreation and social events provide residents with many appealing options for stimulating the mind and enriching body and soul through healthy, meaningful engagement. Fitness and exercise classes, in-house religious services, movies, guest lectures and live performances and day and evening excursions to our area’s cultural destinations and best dining are just a few of what’s available. And also relaxing pastimes like card and board games, arts and crafts, and clubs for special interests (movies, books, religion & TV, etc.). It’s all part of a unique blueprint for more enriched living, one that encourages adaptability, , personalization and resident’s freedom to choose.

Meet Our Senior Living Professionals At TerraBella Shelby

The TerraBella Senior Living difference is a feeling of connectedness that can be seen in the affectionate smiles and greetings, and felt in the warm, familiar embrace from a favorite team member. It’s also heard every day in the sounds of laughter and commemoration that often fill our hallways and common areas. The charm, wide range of amenities, and the excellent quality care and service already do much to set TerraBella Senior Living apart, but it’s due to the personal relationships we’ve built up with residents and their families that make our community a place like home, and that’s something you’ll only find here.

Senior-Friendly Area Attractions Near Shelby, NC

An honored heritage with strong family ties, a beautiful nature-filled landscape, and plentiful opportunities for enjoyment, delicious treats, and family gatherings are all meanings of life here in Shelby. Our community is conveniently located on Charles Road, close to Uptown and so many of the historical landmarks, arts and cultural destinations, restaurants and shops that make up Shelby’s finest. The exact central location is another reason as to why TerraBella Senior Living makes living life a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling, with available experiences that are beyond our imaginations!