Here in Salisbury, the Old Days Are Cooler Than Ever for Our Senior Living Community

Senior citizens enjoying picnic near the river

Architectural masterpieces, centuries of history that did much to shape North Carolina’s past and its present-day charm, and old-fashioned Southern hospitality are just some of what’s great about our native Salisbury. This isn’t a town that’s stuck in the past, though! Salisbury has a hip and modern side, too, and with delicious, specialty dining, live music and entertainment, one-of-a-kind shops and enchanting wineries, the town fuses old with new in a way that feels authentic and 100% cool.

The heart of Salisbury’s cultural scene is undoubtedly the downtown historic District. There, the 1854 Courthouse is now the Rowan Museum, whose exhibits depict the history of the area all the way back to Daniel Boone and Civil War times. Walking and trolley tours are also popular activities for history buffs, who come from all over to explore Salisbury’s architecture, industrial legacy, cultural heritage and even some age-old tales about ghosts and the paranormal.

Located in the heart of railroad country, Salisbury was a key stop along early trade routes and later revolutionized by the coming of the railroads. Today, that history lives on at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in nearby Spencer. Here in Salisbury’s railroad corridor, there’s The Salisbury Emporium and its more than 80 shops, which all come together in an historic 100-year-old building.

Salisbury is a haven for artists, too, with small galleries and studios dotting the streets of downtown. Those same streets are also home to antique shops, public art and sculpture installations, and performing houses including the Lee Street Theatre. There’s also a variety of restaurants and a revolving schedule of seasonal events and festivals, the largest of which may well be for North Carolina Beer Month each October.

Indeed, for the familiar comforts of small-town living amidst a storied past and equally exciting present and future, Salisbury is an ideal place to live and call home. It’s yet another reason why TerraBella Salisbury provides a perfect setting for living well and enjoying life right here on hallowed grounds in the North Carolina Piedmont region.