Retirement life can bring about many joyful experiences, from finally having enough time to engage in hobbies that you could not pick up due to a busy adult life, to being financially stable enough to do the things you always wanted to. However, growing older poses many challenges as well; older adults may start to develop age-related issues that hinder daily activities. If you notice that your loved ones are facing such difficulties, they may want to consider moving into TerraBella Roswell, a senior living community in Dunwoody, GA. To find out more about how TerraBella Roswell provides for its residents, keep reading!

Enjoyable Activities & Events in Dunwoody, GA

At TerraBella Roswell, we aim to provide a fun and fulfilling life for all residents. Research has shown that boredom can have detrimental effects on older adults; it may cause them to become lethargic or become more susceptible to anxiety and depression. To mitigate this, TerraBella Roswell provides ample opportunities to get out of the house and engage in enriching activities. These include themed parties, exercise programs, games and crafts events, outings to local attractions, and educational programs. Take advantage of our bustling calendar schedule to join an event with friends or make new ones!

Convenient Housekeeping Services in Dunwoody, GA

A dirty, cluttered home not only poses a threat to physical health but also wears one’s mental health down. Although we would love to keep our homes clean, sometimes this is too challenging for older adults, who may find it difficult to complete chores such as changing a lightbulb or mowing the lawn. At TerraBella Roswell we have a dedicated team of helpers who can provide regular housekeeping and maintenance services so that your loved ones don’t have to worry about the state of their homes!

Concierge Services in Dunwoody, GA

Our senior living community is dedicated to helping your loved ones with their daily tasks to the best of our abilities. This is why we have a dependable concierge team who can provide assistance with tasks such as buying groceries, booking restaurants, scheduling appointment visits to the doctor, and sending out mail to friends and loved ones.

Health & Wellness Programs in Dunwoody, GA

Health is not an area that can be neglected, especially for older adults. Not only is physical exercise good for maintaining the body, it can be beneficial for the mind as well. Regular exercises help to build stronger muscles, lift moods, prevent diseases, and lower the risk of falling as your balance is improved. TerraBella Roswell has a variety of physical health and fitness classes that your loved ones can partake in to enhance their wellbeing.

Why Choose TerraBella Roswell?

TerraBella Roswell is a top-notch senior living community with an array of modern amenities, a friendly and professional team of helpers, and accessible services to ensure that our residents live a hassle-free retirement life. Whether your loved ones require senior assisted living or memory care, we have just the program to cater to them.

To learn more about senior living in Dunwoody, GA, feel free to contact us today!