Over the past 30 years, we have been working closely with and alongside families to understand the needs of their loved ones in order to ensure the finest quality care. We understand the many challenges and complexities brought about by dementia in taking care of loved ones. As such, we have put in place various services, and programs directed at providing high-quality dementia care for our residents. If you need a qualified partner in care for a loved one with dementia, you don’t have to do it alone. Instead, let us be that qualified partner! A qualified partner in care is the first step towards achieving a greatly improved way of living for your loved one and your family.

About Our Senior Dementia Care

At TerraBella Northridge, we have curated a unique and holistic approach to dementia care, which aspires to provide happy experiences in all aspects of our residents’ lives. We have integrated various healthy interactions and purpose-driven experiences into everyday activities ranging from exciting group events and physical exercise to interactive dining experiences and peaceful, relaxing moments in the company of our committed team members, there’s something for everyone.

Our dementia care program is personalized to your loved one’s needs and focuses on involving our residents in everyday social activities that are enjoying and stimulating. This cultivates friendship, boosts self-esteem, stimulates creativity, and creates overall positive feelings among residents.

Benefits of Dementia Care in Your Retirement Living Community

Through the specially selected activities that our dementia care program has, residents will be able to live each day of life more meaningfully. All such activities have been shown to increase cognitive health, thereby improving brain function and the overall well-being of your loved one. Our team members at TerraBella Northridge are also professionally trained in safely moderating the anxiety of your loved ones so as to prevent any accidents from occurring.

When Should You Consider Moving Into a Senior Living Community?

It is increasingly more challenging to care for your loved ones with dementia and it may eventually take a toll on the caregiver as dementia progresses. Caregivers may experience long-term effects such as stress, exhaustion, and caregiver burnout, especially when their loved ones’ needs increases. As such, it may be time for your loved ones to move into a senior living community where you can feel rest assured that your loved ones are being cared for by certified healthcare personnel and our compassionate driven team members.

Why Choose TerraBella Northridge’s Senior Living Community?

At TerraBella Northridge, residents with dementia will not also get access to the activities as part of our dementia care program but will have the opportunity to be exposed to and try the many other on-site amenities and programs that we offer such as our Sensations dining program, Expressions Concierge services, Dimensions Health & Wellness, Celebrations Activities & Events to keep your loved ones engaged and busy, Impressions Housekeeping and Maintainance services, and Connections Transportation services.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Northridge, contact us today or schedule a tour to see what we have to offer.