Due to medical advancements over the years, the field of elderly care is constantly evolving. What we believe is the best treatment for older adults in the last 20 years ago is no longer the same as today. Back then, we have a relatively straightforward and traditional view when it comes to the healthcare of older adults. However, through breakthrough medical studies and research, we have found out that holistic health plays a highly crucial role in shaping one’s quality of life. With this knowledge, TerraBella Northridge has specially designed and introduced a Wellness Center to provide our residents with easy access to resources to help them lead a healthier and more well-balanced lifestyle.

About Our Senior Living Wellness Center

Here at TerraBella Northridge, we understand that holistic health comprises five components: physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual. Therefore, our Wellness Center offers programs and services that specifically target these goals to ensure residents can not only be mentally engaged but also physically. Your loved ones can look forward to partaking in a wide range of activities, from fitness and wellness classes, such as yoga and daily cardio exercises, to spiritual workshops. For residents who are religious, they can attend worship services as well, which are conveniently held on-site in our senior living community. Our team of trained fitness professionals conducts all our classes and programs, so our residents are constantly under supervision and have immediate access to medical attention whenever required.

Benefits of Wellness Center in Your Retirement Living Community

With our Wellness Center, it has never been easier for residents to improve all aspects of their health in order to have better well-being. We understand that for some older adults, a lack of access to healthcare professionals and wellness programs can prevent them from receiving effective treatment for their health problems. This no doubt escalates the progression of their health conditions, leading them to be and feel more socially isolated over time. Considering that our Wellness Center only provides programs that are designed by specialists in their respective fields, your loved ones can receive a tailored care plan that helps them to achieve certain accomplishments, such as improving their balance, boosting cognitive function, and increasing their range of motion, to name a few.

When Should You Consider Moving Into a Senior Living Community?

If you find that your elderly folks are no longer as independent as before and are currently suffering from a range of health problems like heart disease, high or low blood pressure, and diabetes, it will be good to transition them to a senior living community. Here, our Wellness Center can assist your loved ones in getting back on their feet by allowing them to take part in various activities, all the while being cared for by our experienced team members. Over time, you’ll find that they’ll gain independence and self-confidence, leading to a higher quality of life.

Why Choose TerraBella Northridge’s Senior Living Community?

Here at TerraBella Northridge, our residents’ needs and expectations are our first priority. As such, we strive to provide a lifestyle that’s maintenance-free, carefree, and convenient. To achieve this, our collection of lifestyle programs, such as Sensations Dining, Celebrations Activities and Events, and Dimensions Health and Fitness, is offered to ensure residents have the most memorable holistic experience in our senior living community.

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