Take advantage of our senior living programs that were specifically created for residents to experience maintenance- and worry-free lifestyle at TerraBella Myrtle Beach. Socializing with your friends and neighbors, having nutritious meals regularly, and keeping an active lifestyle have never been simpler. What’s even better is our complimentary scheduled transportation and housekeeping services so you can focus on living the life of your dreams.

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Sensations Dining

Sensations Dining

Sensations Dining is one of our excellent programs that all residents look forward to because they know they’re always in for a treat with our healthy yet delectable options for meals. The most important part of relying on us for your meals is knowing that you’ll always be served with attentive table service, menu diversity, and amazing freshness and quality.

Celebrate special occasions with your friends and loved ones here over a warm and comforting meal. It is the best time to come together with the people you care about and indulge in a great time laughing, smiling, and sharing conversations about your life. Each time you find yourself feeling immensely joyful with the people sharing your company and the cuisines you’re enjoying, take time to enjoy that moment. That is what Sensations Dining is all about

Celebrations Activities & Events

Celebrations Activities & Events

Upon waking up, you can choose to start your day sipping on coffee or attending a stretching class with friends. Soon after, there are live performances or movie sessions awaiting you for a fun time. If you’re interested in playing games or learning about world history, you’re in for a great experience too. At TerraBella Myrtle Beach, you have an endless list of opportunities for socialization, excitement, and relaxation.

If you prefer exploring the surrounding malls or iconic sites, we offer complimentary transportation for yourself or a group of friends. Many residents plan for excursions to shopping destinations, dining restaurants, and museums seamlessly and regularly, because they can. It’s so easy to make everyday fun, whether you choose to stay in the community or explore the town.

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Dimensions Health & Fitness
Dimensions Health & Fitness

Staying fit is a luxury everyone should be able to afford, and at TerraBella Myrtle Beach, that is true for everyone. Our Dimensions Health & Fitness program is a fully-inclusive and comprehensive one catered to our residents, and that is just the beginning of our health and wellness opportunities. We plan to promote health across all the aspects of your life:

  • Physical
  • Medical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual

You can find amenities and programs spread throughout our community that will assist in stimulating the body, mind, and soul for a more enriching lifestyle. These include stretching classes, instructor-led yoga sessions, water and chair aerobics lessons, and plenty more. For those who are interested in personalized instruction and training, we have that available for all our residents too right at your doorstep.

With so many other events like worship services, on-site therapy sessions, guest lectures, and more, it is easy to maximize and sustain your health, thus improving your overall lifestyle quality.

Expressions Concierge

Expressions Concierge

Maybe it’s the ease and convenience of knowing who to call for help with dining reservations, movie or event tickets, online shopping, making travel plans, or sending and receiving packages.

Perhaps it’s knowing you are able to save a few minutes daily with our help. We understand that minutes add up, and avoiding unnecessary hassles means you’ll be able to spend more energy and time making new friends and having fun.

There are plenty of reasons why this is one of our top services, but everyone knows our concierge services simply make everyone’s day move more seamlessly. This is especially useful for those who have just moved in and are looking to set up their new homes.

Even after settling in, you can expect a friendly concierge there to ask whether you require any more help.

Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance

Impressions Housekeeping & MaintenanceRely on our dedicated team members to keep your comfort zone hygienic and looking spotless at all times. Say goodbye to taxing housekeeping chores and picture the newfound freedom you’ll experience by letting us check off your to-do list each day. This results in a stress- and maintenance-free lifestyle that is a luxury for all our residents.

What’s great about this is that your loved ones will have added peace of mind knowing you need not climb ladders to change light bulbs or reach for harmful chemicals anymore. It’s what you deserve after decades of caring for yourself and your loved ones.

Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance will ensure your lasting contentment and comfort, whether strolling past the lush and perfectly manicured landscaping outside, enjoying the community’s common areas, or basking in the sanctity of your own spotless apartment home.

Connections Transportation

Connections Transportation

It’s the biggest convenience of all, on top of being cost-effective and life-changing: At TerraBella Myrtle Beach, complimentary chauffeured transportation awaits to ensure you always get where you’re going, safely and right on time.

Excellent for taking in a show or sporting event with friends and neighbors, dining out, shopping trips, and medical appointments, you’ll realize the convenience and joy in leaving the directions, parking, and door-to-door driving to us, so you can have more fun and worry less.

Connections Transportation provides convenience and unmatched freedom for residents, on top of peace of mind for loved ones. We’re not saying you can’t bring your car, but with our complimentary transportation services so readily available, why not just leave the driving to us?

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