Our Retirement Community is Known for All-Around Excellence in Senior Living

At TerraBella Greenville, we take pride in our strong connection with our local community, a hometown rich in history and a lot of attractions to boast of. Older adults from around town have proven that level of commitment, that is why, they have chosen to live with us.

The Active Senior Lifestyle You Want Begins Here

Independent Living at TerraBella Greenville offers worry-free lifestyle choices filled with opportunities for growth, recreation, relaxation, leisure, and a whole lot more!

When you choose TerraBella Greenville, you are off to unleash opportunities that eliminate burdens accompanying retirement. There is no reason to tend to your own apartment homes or suites because our team members will do that for you. That is how we build a satisfying lifestyle for you or your loved ones

Our Signature Senior Living Amenities

We define relaxation and fun through the host of amenities that we offer here at TerraBella Greenville. We make it a point that you can start your day right, either through exercising or drinking a cup of your favorite coffee. That’s refreshingly sweet for our residents. Some may also choose to grab the papers, or read their favorite books while enjoying the view from their patio. You can also continue your day socializing with others, or have a peaceful time watching your favorite TV show.

If you need to pump up your day, come to our fitness center. Play games with other residents, or go on a trip to famous cultural destinations around the area. Stay relaxed or active – a choice that will make you enjoy life at TerraBella Greenville.

Senior-Friendly Activities & Events

Our daily recreation and social events are a great way to stimulate the mind, invigorate the soul, and replenish the body to make one healthy and happy. We have fitness and exercise classes to keep you fit, live music performances for your enjoyment, in-house worship services for spiritual nourishment, and excursions for adventure. Pursue your passion for arts and crafts, or share an hour or two while playing card and board games. We have anything that ignites the spirit and inspires the mind.

Meet Our Retirement Community Professionals

The unique, personalized living experience of our community sets us apart from the competition. There is a sense of closeness and comfort that is evident in friendly smiles and greetings and in the warm embrace of a favorite team member. You can hear it every day in our common areas and hallways, where laughter and celebration often fill the air. TerraBella Greenville sets itself apart with gorgeous views, amenities, and a high level of service, but it’s our close personal relationships with residents, their families, and their customers that really make the community a home-like atmosphere, and that is a quality that can only be found in TerraBella Greenville.

Senior-Friendly Area Attractions near Greenville, SC

Our community is located just a few miles away from the heart of Greenville’s downtown. That gives you exclusive access to famous restaurants, outstanding landmarks, and historical destinations. This location also entitles you to the best when it comes to entertainment, dining and shopping. Not to forget, Greenville also comes with endless experiences for fun and relaxation.