At TerraBella Cramer Mountain, we are focused on delivering person-centered senior living to all our residents. We offer two distinct lifestyle programs that cater to older individuals with medical needs. Our memory care program is a highly distinguished care option that facilitates service through a holistic approach. Inquire more about what we have to offer or visit our senior living community to explore the wide array of onsite amenities that help residents lead a much more enriching senior living lifestyle.

About Our Senior Living Expression Concierge

Handling daily tasks like scheduling an appointment or booking tickets to a movie are all simple activities that we can execute within minutes. For older adults though, they may require much more time and effort to get a single task completed. At our senior living community, we have 24/7 concierge services that help residents manage their daily requests. We can also help them set up their apartment to make it feel as homely as possible. Our concierge is also the team to liaise with for any transportation booking to help residents get to their destinations in comfort and safety. Our concierge also helps residents receive and send parcels or letters so they will not miss out on any article.

Benefits of Having Expression Concierge in Your Senior Living Community

Having concierge services means that residents will not need to miss another appointment or overlook other important arrangements. Our concierge is tech-savvy and highly competent to ensure that residents can receive the help they need on a professional level. New residents who wish to transport their personal belongings from their old place to our community, our concierge will help them arrange the necessary logistics services. Residents can also consult our concierge on the interior design of their apartment to personalize it according to their personal preferences.

It can become unsafe for older individuals to continue living on their own if they have medical needs. They may overdose or underdose on their daily prescription which can implicate their health. Without any support, older individuals may also leave important things unattended like paying bills, visiting their doctor, or getting their prescription restocked. At a senior living community, all of their personal and medical needs will be tended to by professionals. There are also team members who provide specialized assistance to help older adults get out and about with ease. They will have their daily meals prepared, their medication managed, their apartment cleaned, and more by professionals.

Why Choose TerraBella Cramer Mountain for Senior Living?

Our senior living community is known for our exceptional care and service for both our assisted living and memory care programs. Our care services are all facilitated by trained healthcare professionals who strive to help residents regain their confidence while still having access to round-the-clock support. Our wide range of daily activities and events will help ensure residents get to maintain their physical and mental health to make the most of their golden years.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Cramer Mountain, feel free to contact us today.