At TerraBella Asheboro, we understand the importance of older adults staying active. More and more elderly people are facing social isolation and loneliness due to the loss of friends and family members, disabilities, limited mobility, and more. They find themselves leading a sedentary lifestyle and constantly cooped up indoors. They are no doubt at risk of poor physical and mental health. Team members at TerraBella Asheboro take a proactive approach in encouraging residents to be socially engaged. Residents can look forward to taking part in their favorite hobbies and making new friendships along the way.

About Our Celebrations Activities & Events for Senior Living

Through our Celebrations Activities & Events lifestyle program, residents will have a busy schedule that’s packed with fun and exciting activities each day. Whether it’s playing board games with other residents or taking a group trip to the town market, we provide a wide range of activities to allow residents to mingle around and form meaningful connections. What’s more, these activities provide a sense of purpose for these older adults, who are retired and looking forward to having new passions in their lives. Organized by our full-time Activities Director, some of the activities include fitness classes, musical programs, educational classes, and worship services. As most of the sessions are supervised by trained professionals, residents can have peace of mind knowing that safety is our number one priority.

Benefits of Having Celebrations Activities & Events in Your Senior Living Community

Here at TerraBella Asheboro, we strongly believe that older adults should treat their retirement years as their golden years. Although most residents need some form of medical care and treatment, this does not mean that they should be resigned to a lifestyle that’s monotonous and spiritless. Our team members constantly strive to help residents find their sense of worth and joy in such circumstances. These activities also allow them to pursue their passions in a safe and secure environment that’s surrounded by caregivers and medical professionals. By bonding with other residents and keeping their minds sharp and active, residents will soon find that their cognitive health will improve, alongside their physical well-being.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Some of the tell-tale signs that older adults will fare better in a senior living community are when they aren’t capable of heading out of their houses independently, lack access to lifestyle amenities, and lack opportunities to gain new friendships. All of these situations are incredibly common among the elderly, especially if they’re facing a decline in health. To prevent them from being socially isolated, which can lead to overall poor health, they are welcome to join us here where there are plenty of activities and bonding opportunities.

Why Choose TerraBella Asheboro for Senior Living?

If you’re looking for a senior living community that encourages residents to lead their best lives, look no further than TerraBella Asheboro. Here, our team members are well-trained and have many years of experience dealing with older adults. There’s no doubt that residents will be well taken care of and have all their needs and expectations met at all times.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Asheboro, contact us or schedule a tour to see what we have to offer!