Are you planning to move to a senior living community but you want to bring your pet along? You don’t have to worry about bringing your pet with you because Terrabella Summerville is a pet-friendly community. Not just that, we even encourage our residents to own pets as there has been research showing the health benefits from owning a pet. However, in order to maintain the peace and quiet environment of our community, we only welcome pets that are not too noisy or aggressive.

About Our Pet-Friendly Senior Living Community

After knowing the ways in which having pets can improve your mental health, it is definitely a necessity for any great senior living community to allow pets to stay. We have large and open landscapes that give you sufficient space for your pets to run around and play. If you own a dog, the community also comes with walking trails where you can walk your dog. You do not have to worry about your pets running away as our community is gated all the time.

Benefits of Having a Pet-Friendly Community for Senior Living

Moving into a strange new environment can be challenging, so we understand the need to have a source of comfort beside you. Other than making the move easier, pets bring you the emotional support that is greatly needed. They help to lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and increase your physical activity. Pets such as dogs and cats become attached to their owners and will put a smile on your face with their cuteness. If you feel down, your pet will be there for you and provide a sense of comfort. Pets can also be good conversation starters that allow you to interact and socialize with the other residents to build friendships. As a pet-friendly community, we have many interest groups for you to join as well.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

A senior living community is here to bring you convenience and comfort. You will get to sit back and relax while we handle all the difficult chores and tasks for you. These include housekeeping, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. Our team is here to take care of your needs, giving you more time to play with your pets and take part in the fun activities you enjoy.

Why Choose Terrabella Summerville for Senior Living?

Terrabella Summerville is a senior living community that has everything you need to live your dream life. We design everything with our residents in mind. At Terrabella Summerville, we provide you with Assisted Living combined with Memory Care. Our committed team is here to give you the best service and care. You will get to enjoy delicious meals and participate in a wide range of exciting activities. There are so many excellent amenities for you to use as well. Experience living the care-free lifestyle you have always wanted. This is the place you can call home. Come and try it out for yourself today!

To learn more about TerraBella Summerville, contact us today or schedule a tour to see what we have to offer.