At TerraBella Marchbanks, we are focused on ensuring that your loved one is comfortable and has an opportunity to live each and every day to their fullest. Our stylish and safe senior living community is designed with your loved one in mind. This means that we have the best amenities and our team members are well trained to handle all the needs of your family members. We also have a variety of activities and events that are geared towards helping your loved one have a vibrant social life. This in turn helps to alleviate boredom and stress, which leads to better mental health outcomes.

About Our Expressions Concierge

Expressions Concierge services are just one of the many amenities we extend to our residents at TerraBella Marchbanks. We understand that for our residents, life does not stop when they come to stay in our senior living community. Through this service, we are able to help your loved ones with any errands that they may desire to have done. For example, our team members will handle errands such as paying bills, mailing letters, shopping runs, and so much more. This is particularly useful if your loved one is unable to perform these errands, or perhaps just doesn’t have the time.

Benefits of Having Expressions Concierge in Your Senior Living Community

When a loved one suffers from mobility problems or has memory loss conditions, it may not always be possible for them to handle routine tasks such as shopping or running errands. This is where our Expressions Concierge services come in handy. We are able to help your loved ones handle such errands, which in turn leaves them with more time to do the things they enjoy. Using our Expressions Concierge services is also a great way for your loved one to book movie and event tickets, make reservations at restaurants, and much more. Having our professional team members handle such tasks is of great assistance to loved ones who may be suffering from memory loss.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

One of the most difficult decisions that family members have to make is to decide whether they should have a family member stay at a senior living community. There are many factors to consider when making this decision. One of those is how much assistance your loved one needs, especially with everyday tasks such as cleaning and cooking. If they are unable to perform these tasks by themselves, it is a good idea to have them in a senior living community. This is because professionals can then help them handle these chores safely, and also follow through on any other aspects of care that your family member may need. For example, if they need help with medication, retirement communities such as TerraBella Marchbanks have the expertise and team members that they need to get this done.

Why Choose TerraBella Marchbanks?

When you choose TerraBella Marchbanks, you are assured of a senior living community that is purposely designed to give your loved one a great time. We are located just a few minutes’ drive from downtown Anderson City in South Carolina. This means that your loved one will enjoy a tranquil stay while being just a short distance from all the modern amenities that they may require.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Marchbanks, feel free to contact us today!