If you or your loved ones are looking for a senior living community near Anderson, North Carolina, consider TerraBella Marchbanks. Set in a peaceful setting and surrounded by lush vegetation, our senior living community is perfect for anyone looking to take it easy. What is even better about TerraBella Marchbanks are the amenities that our residents get to enjoy. From restaurant-style dining through our Sensations Dining experience to our program, you or your loved ones are assured of a great experience surrounded by new friends.

About Senior Living in Anderson SC

The city of Anderson is located in the County of Anderson in the State of South Carolina. Anderson had about 30,000 residents living there and features modern amenities such as banks and retail centers. Residents of the city also enjoy a variety of restaurants serving local and international cuisines. The city is also well connected to other regions of the country through air, rail, and road transport facilities.

Senior Living Recreational Parks Around Anderson SC

When you or your loved ones need to enjoy a little bit of greenery for a walk, a read, or a picnic, the city of Anderson has some great public parks in store. Maintained by the city authorities and featuring an amazing assortment of flora and fauna, you or your loved ones are definitely going to have a relaxing time in any one of the following parks.

  • Linley Park – Set in lush and pristine settings, Lonely Park is a great place to spend a quiet summer afternoon with a favorite book or simply just soaking in the sun. The park features two barbeque grilling points that make this place perfect for a picnic. Afterward, enjoy a simple game of baseball as the park also has two baseball fields. Beautiful park benches come in handy for a quiet afternoon.
  • Darwin Wright Park – Darwin Park is another fabulous public park in the City of Anderson. This park comes with several picnic shelters and grills that are sure to make outdoor time amazing.
  • Rec Pavilion – The Rec Pavillion also features picnic grills in a lush green setting. The park also includes a covered playground that is great for any outdoor activities.

Popular Senior Living Arts & Entertainment Near Anderson SC

If you or your loved ones are a fan of the arts, then the various arts and entertainment centers in the city of Anderson are going to be a gem. Here are some art and entertainment centers within the city.

  • Anderson County Museum – This museum is among the largest in the city and occupies a total of 12,000 square feet. The museum features artifacts stretching back from the Civil War as well as varying art pieces.
  • Electric City Playhouse – The ECP is one of the leading theater houses in the City of Anderson and features a variety of contemporary as well as classic theater performances.
  • Abbeville Opera House – Located just a short drive from Anderson City, the Abbeville Opera House is a beautiful venue that regularly features opera performances from around the globe.

Recommended Senior Living Dining and Shopping Outlets Near Anderson SC

Anderson City has numerous restaurants and you or your loved ones will always have options regardless of any preferences. From fine dining to take-out, Anderson City has it all.

  • Grand China Restaurant – This is the place to go for excellent Chinese cuisine served in a beautifully designed restaurant.
  • Mama Penn’s Restaurant – Warm and inviting, Mama Penn’s Restaurant is perfect for a casual evening out.
  • J Peters Grill & Bar – For a bar-style dining experience and cold beers, then J Peters Grill& Bar is exactly the place to go to. The service is excellent and the food is amazing.

Best Schools Near Anderson SC

The City of Anderson has many excellent schools, some of which have produced outstanding students over the years. Here are some of these schools.

  • South Wood Academy – This is a public school that does exceptionally well when it comes to the arts. The school has a population of about 400 students.
  • McCants Middle School – This is another excellent school with consistently good performance over the years. The student population is about 600 in number.
  • Anderson Christian School – This is a top-notch private school that offers a great learning environment and a close-knit family feel.

Why Choose TerraBella Marchbanks for Senior Living?

For stylish and modern facilities, no senior living community beats TerraBella Marchbanks. Every single element of our community is designed with our residents in mind. We guarantee that they are safe, comfortable, and have a top-notch team looking after them.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Marchbanks, contact us or schedule a tour to see what we have to offer!