Here in our senior living community in Troutman, NC, our team at TerraBella Lake Norman is confident that we have created the perfect environment for older adults to flourish in their golden years.

About Troutman

When it comes to Troutman in Iredell County, you can expect all the best things that can come from a small town. Best known for being the hometown of Josh Richeson, it should also be noted that this small town is a great place for those who are looking for a diverse array of different programs, athletic events, and local festivals.

Recreational Parks in Troutman

  • Lake Norman State Park: Not only are there multiple hiking and running trails, but there is also a vast array of bike trails that offer different natural scenery.
  • Zootastic Park: If you are looking for a more structured visit to a recreational park, this is both an educational and fun option to go for. In fact, there are always enrichment programs and activities that you can take part in to understand the exotic animals and the conservation of their species better.

Popular Arts & Entertainment in Troutman

  • Iredell Museum: As a small local museum that is centered on the history of the region, it has done a wonderful job in having a wide variety of different artifacts that highlight cultural objects used throughout time. On top of this, you can also bring along your kids to enjoy interactive activities that can allow them to have fun and learn something!
  • Mooresville Museum: With constantly rotating exhibits, you can be sure that there will always be something new on-site when you are visiting the Mooresville Museum.

Recommended Dining and Shopping Outlets in Troutman

  • Birkdale Village: This isn’t one of your typical shopping centers where you head down, shop for what you need, and rush on home. Birkdale Village was designed to be a community hub where different individuals can spend time with their friends and loved ones.
  • Downtown Davidson: Commonly known as the “restaurant row”, this street has a wide collection of different restaurants, boutiques, craft stores and galleries. When you take a walk down this street, you can be sure that there are many things to look at.

Why Choose TerraBella Lake Norman?

Even with all these amazing area attractions around our senior living community, you can rest assured that everything you need can still be conveniently found within our grounds. This is largely due to the wide array of amenities in our community where our residents can enjoy tableside service with their meals, laundry services, worship spaces, game rooms, and more!

To learn more about our exclusive senior living programs at TerraBella Lake Norman, contact us or schedule a tour to visit our beautiful grounds today!