Transitioning into a senior living community is not an easy decision to make. Imagine your loved ones being far from you, living their lives but not under your care. Why worry when you can be sure that they will still enjoy life when they move into the community. It is just a matter of choosing one that offers superior communication. At TerraBella Lake Norman, we make sure that our team is constantly in touch with you regarding your loved ones.

About Our Superior Communication

After your loved ones have settled into our memory care program, you may be trying to figure out how they are going about in the community. You could be wondering if they have supervision and care, adequate assistance, proper nutrition, or even make any friends.

At TerraBella Lake Norman, we always make it a point that superior communication is present every single day when your loved ones live with us. We guarantee that we will keep you in the loop of the progress your loved ones have made since moving in with us. We also open our lines of communication to you, so that you can reach out to them whenever you want.

Benefits of Having Superior Communication in Your Senior Living Community

Superior communication will make the atmosphere better, not just for your loved ones, but for our team as well. Here are some of the benefits with communication present in the community:

  • Healthier lives. Constant communication impacts the overall health of your loved ones. Whether it is a family member they want to call, a team member they want to converse with, or a resident they want to share their stories with, we assure you that their needs will be attended to.
  • High regard for their needs. Your loved ones are most sensitive at this point, but we make it a point to converse with them or relay messages in the most understandable manner. We will never create confusion that can lead to frustration later on.
  • Better relationships. Communication is key to any relationship. We value the relationship we build with our residents and their families, that is why we make sure we always listen to all the requests and respond accordingly.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Are there days that pass without you being able to talk to your loved ones? Are your loved ones no longer able to prepare nutritious meals for themselves? If you think their health has declined because of what is happening, you can always consider moving them into a senior living community. When you choose us, we will make sure there is always someone they can talk to, and a team to attend to their needs any time of the day.

Why Choose TerraBella Lake Norman?

At TerraBella Lake Norman, we have a team of experts ready to attend to your loved ones’ needs, assist them with things they need help with, and talk to them when they have something to say. We will also be regularly updating you about your loved ones while they are under our care. You can be rest assured that they will get the best care possible here!

To learn more about living in TerraBella Lake Norman, contact us today or schedule a tour to see what we have to offer.