Aside from our 24-hour care and the services provided by our professional team, we, at TerraBella Lake Norman, ensure that your loved ones will have a satisfying dining experience. Besides attending social events and performing daily activities with our close assistance, they can enjoy sumptuous meals courtesy of our certified chefs. Our dining experience will make our residents want to stay with us for a long period of time.

About Our Dining Experience

TerraBella Lake Norman fuses science and technology with personalized care services for our residents. This makes us unique among other independent living communities all over the country. Aside from specially-designed activities, our professional team also attends to the nutritional needs of your loved ones.

Our dining experience will make your family members more than gastronomically satisfied. We make it a point to provide dining in a quiet and calm environment. Mealtimes are fixed every day so that our residents can focus on eating. What’s more, your loved ones can request the food that they want to eat, and we will be more than willing to serve them that.

Benefits of Having Dining Experience in Your Senior Living Community

Our dining services offer an experience like no other. At TerraBella Norman Lake, your loved ones will experience the following throughout their stay:

  • Socialization. For us, the dining hall is a perfect ground to meet other residents. Your loved ones may be apprehensive to reach out to strangers, but since we treat our residents like family, our dining halls pave the way to better interaction among residents and even the blossoming of friendships.
  • Better appetite. We make sure that our residents eat nutrient-dense meals so as to promote their overall good health. For residents who are unable to focus during mealtime or frequently wander around, we have the “Food on the Run” program to ensure that they will have adequate nutritional intake no matter what happens.
  • Sense stimulation. Your loved ones may already be having a hard time recognizing what they used to. With our special dining experience, they will definitely become more familiar with the colors, sights, and sounds that fill our dining hall as we encourage them to actively participate in the dining experience, with assistance provided if needed.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

When was the last time you have ever seen your loved one eat a lot? Even when they cook for themselves, they already lose that appreciation for the things that they do. This may be because they have no one to share these meals with or they have lost interest in eating. You can take these things as hints to transition them to a senior living community, where they can be assured of nutritional meals, assistance with eating, and have the opportunities to stimulate their senses and gain friendships.

Why Choose TerraBella Lake Norman?

TerraBella Lake Norman offers the amenities that you are looking for in a senior living community. Our professional and friendly team members are always ready to provide what your loved ones need. On top of our exceptional dining experience, your family members will also have the opportunity to be closer to nature and appreciate what life has to offer.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Lake Norman, contact us today or schedule a tour to see what we have to offer.