Liz San Jose

Executive Director

Executive Director Liz San Jose has lived in Concord for 18 years. She brings extensive experience in senior care to TerraBella, serving as an assisted living/home caregiver for 20+ years and an Assisted Living Executive Director for over four years. She is passionate about advocating for the geriatric population and serving seniors. In her free time, Liz enjoys spending time with her spouse, children, and adorable young grandchild!

Christy Helms - Senior Lifestyle Counselor - headshot

Christy Helms

Senior Lifestyle Counselor

Senior Lifestyle Counselor, Christy Helms, is knowledgeable and well-versed in the senior living industry as well as in her professional sales career over the years. Christy is honored for the opportunity to meet seniors, learn more about their needs and preferences, and demonstrate why TerraBella Harrisburg is the best choice in senior living.


Teresa Karr

Business Office Manager

Business Office Manager, Teresa Karr, has gained a wealth of experience in the senior living industry. Teresa is passionate about her team members and providing exceptional lifestyle experiences for residents and their families and friends. TerraBella Harrisburg welcomes family members and their loved ones to tour our beautiful community, get to know our team, and see what superior senior living could look like every day.

Sonja Ricikia Waren - Director of Celebrations - headshot

Sonja Ricikia Waren

Director of Celebrations

Sonja Ricikia Waren, has been on the TerraBella Harrisburg team for more than two years. “I love my residents and they make my day!” Sonja enjoys planning and organizing engaging activities and events for the residents and seeing their smiling faces when they’re having a wonderful time. She has been married for more than 40 years and has three children, four grandchildren, and, outside of work, Sonja likes to sew, spend time with her grandchildren, ride bikes, and spend the evening at home with her husband.



Gwendolyn Napier

Executive Chef

Executive Chef, Gwendolyn Napier, has gained experience in the culinary and service industry for more than the previous 25 years. She enjoys cooking delicious meals for the residents and loves to see them smile when she prepares a delightful dish that they really enjoy! Gwendolyn has been married to the love of her life for more than 15 years and is a mother of two and grandmother of two. She enjoys going to church and being with her family as much as she can outside of work.