Active senior woman hugs dogTerraBella Myrtle Beach values the needs of our residents at all times. We do that not only by offering stylish apartment homes and resort-style amenities but also by providing exceptional services. These services include welcoming your furry friends to our community. Being a pet-friendly community is one of the things that we take pride in.

About Our Pet-Friendly Community

Pets were created to become partners for the “masters” they serve. Dogs, cats, and other pets have an ability to bring joy and change the way a person looks at life, most especially in times when they are alone. That is why, at TerraBella Myrtle Beach, we make sure that you or your loved ones can bring along a pet.

At our community, we treat pets the way our residents treat them — as family members. In fact, we adopt stray dogs and cats from local animal shelters, allowing them to be familiar with our surroundings and the people we cater to.

Benefits of Having Pet-Friendly Community in Your Retirement Community

Pets always bring that breath of fresh air to their owners. With a pet-friendly community like ours, you are sure to reap the following benefits for your:

  • Social Well-being. Studies also show that animals make amazing social support. Welcoming pets to our community help our residents to stay engaged. Their social well-being further increases as they tag them along to events in our community and give them the chance to mingle with other pets around.
  • Health. Having a pet is one of the best antidotes to loneliness and isolation. It’s amazing how pets have the power to make it easier for humans to forget about the way they are feeling. This reason makes us the best retirement community. Because we value the gain you get from having pets around, without compromising your overall health.
  • Physical Welfare. We know how stressful life can be when one becomes older. We know you can easily deal with those difficulties with your pets around. Stay active knowing you have “someone to play with” every single time.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Retiring from work comes with challenges. Among them is feeling lonely most of the time. This tends to happen to those who live alone. Having a pet can surely help, but what about the other things? What about health and day-to-day necessities? Moving into a retirement community is a good idea because here, you or your loved one’s physical, mental, and other needs will be met accordingly. Our team members at TerraBella Myrtle Beach will welcome them warmly and serve them with enthusiasm from day one.

Why Choose TerraBella Myrtle Beach?

At TerraBella Myrtle Beach, we believe that residents deserve the best that life has to offer during their retirement. We focus not just on placing the latest technologies in each of our apartment homes, but also on making sure that the needs of the ones you love are catered to all the time. We make it a point that we personalize the experience to make your family members adjust to a whole new surrounding that does not need to be unfamiliar to them.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Myrtle Beach, feel free to contact us today.