Senior Couple Enjoying Journey On BusTerraBella Myrtle Beach recognizes the different needs of residents who want to come and join our retirement community. With these differences in mind, we are able to provide just the right services that are sure to take you places. We understand that you may face the dilemma of having to go different places when you want to, but with our Connections Transportation service, this should no longer be a concern.

About Our Connections Transportation

It is natural to have feelings of isolation and loneliness when moving a loved one or living in a retirement community. At TerraBella Myrtle Beach, we try our best so that our residents won’t feel isolated by giving you or your loved ones the opportunity to do the things that you truly love. Whether it is shopping for your favorite food and other household items or dining out with friends that you have not seen for a long time, we’ll provide you with the assistance you need through our Connections Transportation service.

Benefits of Having Connections Transportation in Your Retirement Community

Transportation services should be included as one of the perks in your choice of retirement community. This is because with this service, you will surely enjoy the foregoing benefits:

  • Strengthening and building relationships. There may be people you have not seen around for quite some time now, and you may be having a hard time being close to people you have just met. With our transportation services, you will be able to see the ones you love, and become more familiar with other residents in the living community.
  • The time to enjoy life and be happy. Being happy is crucial to any person, especially when they get older. You can use our transportation services to travel to places where you want to go to whether it’s the mall, park, or recreational areas.
  • Live heathy and safely. Never miss out doctor appointments with our transportation services. For your safety, you do not need to drive yourself to where you are going to if you don’t feel like it.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Have you ever been bothered seeing your loved ones spending too much time inside their rooms and forgetting the world around them? Do they miss out on important medications, and even medical appointments because no one is there to remind them to do so? In order to make sure your loved ones are healthy, happy and safe, you should consider moving them into a retirement community.

Why Choose TerraBella Myrtle Beach?

At TerraBella Myrtle Beach, our ultimate goal is to provide a safe haven where your loved ones will feel safe and happy all the time. We do that by offering resort-like amenities, and outstanding services that no other retirement community offers. We take pride in our team members who are ready to assist our residents with their needs, regardless of how varied their demands are from those of others. We work to make life enjoyable for you or your loved ones.

To learn more about living in TerraBella Myrtle Beach, feel free to contact us today.